What are the taboos in kitchen

2020-06-03 18:01:07

Kitchen utensils are indispensable kitchen equipment in the kitchen. Without these equipment, people can't cook food. However, the functions and functions of all kinds of kitchen utensils in life are different. Therefore, when using them, we should also use them reasonably, and pay attention to matching with the kitchen style. What are the taboos for kitchen use? Let's learn from the following.

1、 Avoid cooking green beans in an iron pot. Because mung bean contains tannin, it will produce black tannin iron when meeting iron under high temperature, which makes mung bean soup black and has special smell, which not only affects appetite and taste, but also is harmful to human body.

What are the taboos in kitchen

2、 Do not boil traditional Chinese medicine in stainless steel or iron pot. Because there are many kinds of alkaloids and biochemical substances in traditional Chinese medicine, especially under the condition of heating, it will have many chemical reactions with stainless steel or iron, or make the medicine invalid, or even produce certain toxicity (when there are many complexes).

3、 Do not use aluminum pot to serve dishes. Aluminum pot belongs to the elimination of kitchenware. Due to its poor corrosion resistance, chemical reactions will occur in the presence of weak alkali, weak acid, salt and other substances to generate special compounds. Therefore, dishes, wine, monosodium glutamate, etc. should not be packed in aluminum containers overnight. There are also eggs should not be stirred in the aluminum pot, because the egg white will turn gray when encountering aluminum, and the yolk will turn green. Leftovers, soups, etc. should not be spent overnight in aluminum containers.

4、 Do not use ebony or wood with peculiar smell to make vegetable board. Ebony contains peculiar smell and toxic substances. It not only pollutes dishes, but also causes vomiting, dizziness and abdominal pain. Therefore, the preferred wood for making vegetable board is white fruit wood, saponatum wood, birch and willow.

Jiangmen stainless steel casserole

5、 Do not use paint or carved chopsticks. The paint on chopsticks not only contains lead, benzene and other chemicals, which is harmful to health, but also has peculiar smell and affects appetite when exposed to heat. The carved chopsticks look beautiful. They are not easy to clean, grow bacteria and cause disease.

6、 Do not use all kinds of decors and porcelain to contain seasonings. The seasoning is in glassware. Benzene and other pathogenic, color porcelain containing lead, carcinogens. With the aging and decay of China, radon in pattern pigment pollutes food and is harmful to human body.

The above content is the use of kitchen utensils taboo, hope you can help after understanding.

Now the kitchen in the apartment is not as big as the kitchen in the ordinary home, and the space is generally about 6 - 8 square meters. It is difficult to put down a lot of kitchen utensils and tableware, so the multi-functional kitchen shelves began to become popular, which can help us to solve this series of problems. Xiaobian will introduce the multi-functional kitchen shelf and the brand of the multi-functional kitchen shelf here, hoping to help you understand the multi-functional kitchen shelf.

Introduction to multifunctional kitchen shelf:

The emergence of multi-functional kitchen shelf can be said to greatly facilitate the storage of the kitchen. Many kitchenware can be placed on a multi-functional kitchen shelf, which not only saves space, but also helps us to use the kitchenware conveniently. This is the good news for many housewives. With the emergence of space aluminum multi-functional kitchen shelf, The price of multifunctional kitchen shelves is also greatly reduced. Generally, you can buy a multifunctional kitchen shelf with complete functions and modeling for only about 70 yuan.

Classification of multifunctional kitchen shelves:

Wall mounted:

Wall mounted multi-functional kitchen shelf is a multi-functional kitchen shelf hung on the wall, which can further save space. As long as it is simply installed, this goal can be achieved. In this installation mode, it should be noted that the kitchenware placed on it should be dried before it can be placed on it. It is not allowed to place the wet kitchenware on it, which will not only cause rusting, but also cause rusting Water on the ground.


This kind of multi-functional kitchen shelf seems to be very random, where to put it properly, you can change the position at will, which is very convenient, and does not need to be installed, so it is loved by many people. In the process of using this kind of multi-functional kitchen shelf, you should often wipe the bottom of the shelf and do a good job of cleaning.

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