Does stainless steel kitchenware affect human body?

2020-06-03 17:57:50

Most of the kitchenware and tableware used in our life are aluminum products. However, long-term intake of aluminum will cause great harm to human body. Excessive intake of aluminum will cause mental retardation and premature aging.

Now the stainless steel kitchenware that is developing has become people's choice. The main component of stainless steel kitchenware is nickel chromium alloy, and nickel and chromium are indispensable trace elements for human body.

Jiangmen stainless steel soup bucket

According to the research of relevant experts, the food cooked with stainless steel cookware has a high content of nickel and chromium. Each person needs 0.25 mg of nickel and 2 mg of chromium per day. Nickel can activate insulin and reduce blood sugar content; chromium can maintain normal blood sugar level and control cholesterol.

Nutritionists point out that a lack of nickel and chromium in the diet increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

With the increasing demand for quality of life, stainless steel kitchenware will become an irreplaceable kitchen supplies in the future.

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