Small skills of stainless steel kitchenware selection

2020-06-03 17:56:22

Many people make complaints about it: in China, food has additives, bags have goods, mobile phone has refurbishing machines... When shopping, I am embarrassed to call myself a "little shopping expert" without many skills of self-defense. Now let me teach you a new skill - stainless steel kitchenware selection skill!

This kind of stainless steel is not easy to rust, which is the material required by the national pressure cooker standard.

This is the "fighter" in kitchenware! It is made of medical stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance, no metal ion precipitation at all, and is not easy to rust, of course, the price will be higher.

So, here comes the selection of small skills!

1. Look at the logo

Many stainless steel kitchenware surfaces are stamped with steel seals, such as: 13-0, 18-8 and other words, the number in front of the short horizontal line indicates the chromium content of the product, and the number behind the short horizontal line indicates the nickel content of the product. Be sure to buy products containing nickel. This is stainless steel.

2. Quality

Good stainless steel tableware is denser and heavier.

3. Regular selection

Try not to buy cheap goods and local stalls, you should go to a regular place to buy.

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